What to Look for in the Right Local Hardscape Contractor

You now have the home of your dreams. How do you make it your own? One attractive option can be adding one-of-a-kind hardscape features.

Hardscaping is the art of creating landscape elements that are made from stone or other inorganic materials. This includes anything from fire-pits to in-ground pools. These features can beautify the space and add comfort while creating a personal touch that is unique to your wants and needs.

New hardscape features will also have you spending more time outdoors with friends, family, and neighbors. When deciding what you want to add and how to divide or diversify the space, here is some helpful advice on what to look for in the right local hardscape contractor:

A Wide Range of Capabilities

Don’t pin yourself down to a one-trick service provider. There exists a near-limitless variety of what you can add to your space, so you want to find someone versatile that can offer multiple types of hardscape design and installation services.

Whether you want an outdoor kitchen for huge summer cook-outs, outdoor lighting fixtures to increase safety on your property, or an in ground pool to cool off in the warm months, find someone who can make these all happen for you at once or in quick succession. Having a contractor with a wide range of capabilities will allow you to bundle and save on the project, while also giving you many options to pinpoint exactly what you want.

Full Service Offering

When looking for the right hardscape contractor, it is important to choose a company that can go beyond just installation. Knowledgeable professionals will be able to design something that is both unique and will work for the space to be utilized before the project even hits the ground.

The right hardscape contractor will also know about the local permits needed and will know how to expedite them. This can save you many hours in municipal offices trying to obtain the proper authorization to begin your project.

Lastly, look for someone that also provides ongoing maintenance. Whether this involves trimming greenery around your features or performing repairs to the stonework, this can also help save you time finding another contractor who can do these tasks for you.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

A contractor that can do both landscaping and hardscaping can save time, effort, and stress for your family, so that you can spend more time and energy enjoying the beautiful space you have created. Combining both will almost always result in fewer fees, saving you money along the way.

Working continuously with one contractor will also create a relationship between you and the company. This can help to streamline ongoing communication for your hardscape needs and you can continue designing the yard of your dreams with the same provider that understands your vision.

Design and Vision

When researching a hardscape contractor, checking out their previous work can help you decide if the designs they create match your taste. It is always a good idea to do research and look around for what you like and dislike and what you want your space to look like. This research will help with inspiration and ideas so that you can be an active participant in the design process.

It is important to have a vision and share it with the contractors so that whatever is built feels like yours right away. Ask a potential contractor if they can share with you 3D renderings or actual photos of past projects so that you can see what they have done for other local homeowners in the past.

Reputation and Reviews

The internet is one of your most powerful tools. Use it to look up what past customers have to say about contractors before you commit to a company in particular. Online reviews are a popular way for people to gauge the quality of a contractor before deciding to schedule an estimate.

Look for repeated phrases or words that come up in several reviews. These will tell you what kind of provider you will be working with.

Before committing to a local hardscape contractor, do not hesitate to also call the company you are considering. Speak to them to get a feel of how they work and see if it is someone that understands what you want and need out of the project you have in mind.

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