Envision Your Property with Gallivan’s Design Capabilities

At Gallivan Corporation, the satisfaction of our clients is most important. We work alongside them throughout the custom design process to ensure that we execute a plan that is exactly what they envision.

After the initial consultation process, our highly-trained and experienced staff will handle the entire design process, complete with full 3D renderings of your property if necessary, as well as the features you plan to incorporate. The unique benefits of our design process, include:

  • The ability to see your overall, master design plan. For example, you dream up your ideal landscape, and we lay it all out. Depending on the time-frame and budget you are working with, the plan will be executed in phases that best accommodate you.
  • Planning out your entire landscape at once will eliminate the possibility of needing to come back and demo a feature to make space for something else down the line. When you see the whole process designed before anything is installed, you can rest assured that the layout will all fit as planned over time.
  • You can feel confident that your plan will look the way you imagine it to be, right down to the plants and trees you have installed on your property. There’s no need to worry that what you envision is completely different from what our professionals are thinking, because it is all laid out and approved before any work begins!
  • Our renderings are complete with several angles and perspectives, giving you a full look at your property.

Are you ready to begin designing your dream landscape? Contact the professionals at Gallivan today!

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