Be Ready for What Mother Nature Throws at You

In many communities across the region and surrounding areas, Gallivan Corporation provides snow removal and ice management.

Gallivan Corporation’s Snow & Ice Management Services Include:

  • Seasonal contracts for snow & ice removal
  • Salting solutions
  • Sidewalk clearing/calcium applications

Gallivan Corporation is a trusted name when it comes to reliable and efficient snow and ice management for businesses. We understand that closing your business or office complex in inclement winter weather is not an option. Keeping your business open is often a necessity no matter what Mother Nature may throw at us.

Whether it’s a minimal snow fall of just a few inches that can cause slippery and dangerous conditions in your parking lot and walkways, or a full-blown Nor’eastern storm that this area is known for – Gallivan Corporation is the source to turn to as they have the right equipment, a properly trained staff, and they are prompt and responsive.

We reduce the hazards caused by winter storms by effectively managing your businesses property. We quickly and efficiently remove the ice and snow from your parking lot, roadways, and walkways—usually long before your office is even scheduled to open—to help ensure the safety of your customers and your staff members.

Gallivan Corporation takes the headache of snow and ice removal off your plate so you can focus on what you do best—running your business and serving your customers. And, because we are a professional landscaping business, we are also very careful not to harm any of your plantings or landscaping features during the process.

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