Custom Designed Fire Pits

Enjoying the comfort of a custom designed outdoor fire pit can be the perfect way to unwind or gather with friends and family. Gallivan Corporation is your experienced local professional in the design and installation of custom fire features for your outdoor living area.

The fire pit is a feature item that can enhance the quality of your outdoor living space, think of the areas that you entertain in while inside your home, you look for the mood it sets and the functionality that it has. The same goes for the outdoors. Let us help you make the most of your patio or landscape.

Comfort, Warmth, Ambiance, Functionality

During the design process, we work closely with you to integrate your personal taste as well as design a functional and seamless outdoor living environment. We can give your patio and landscape the look and feeling it deserves with a variety of fire pit types:

Wood Burning Fire Pits

  • Great for use as a traditional fire pit, burning logs and retaining that “campfire” feel while fully containing the fire in decorative natural stone.
  • Incorporate a wood burning grill for your outdoor dining needs.
  • Wood burning fireplaces can bring the indoor fireplace feeling outside where you can enjoy your natural surroundings.

Propane & Natural Gas Fire Pits

  • Stay warm while cooking at a table top fire pit.
  • Provides the ambiance of a traditional fire pit without the constant need of tending to a fire.
  • Installs to a natural gas line so you never run out of fuel for your fire.
  • Raised designs allow for the incorporation of feature designs that stand out.
  • Sunken designs are build down into the hardscape for a seamless integration into its surroundings.

Let our professionals help you design the fire pit that will enhance your outdoor living space, improve your ambiance and allow you to enjoy your backyard.

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