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A growing issue many areas are faced with is the increasing need for a green space and to maintain environmental quality. The expansion of cities and structures traditionally means an increase in pollution, stormwater runoff, and increased noise among other issues. As urban areas continue to grow, it is important to consider the installation of green roof growing media.

The Benefits of Green Roofs

The benefits of a green roof installation are seemingly endless, a few of the benefits include:

  • Stormwater Management: The expansion of city areas means an increase in hard surfaces like rooftops and parking lots. These surfaces create water runoff which can be difficult for many areas to manage. The installation of green roof media as well as vegetation allows for some of the rainwater to evaporate back into the atmosphere. While there may still be some runoff, it is a decreased amount, which reduces the stress on sewers and stormwater infrastructure.
  • Thermal Comfort: The numerous layers of a green roof provide an additional layer of thermal insulation on the roof which helps protect the building against cold temperatures and combats the urban heat island effect during the warmer seasons. If an area with a lot of buildings install green roofs, the area would be able to reduce its temperature overall during the summer.
  • Extended Roof Life: A roof that is left exposed to the sun and weather elements can have a large temperature variation which can result in a constant contraction and expansion of the roof membrane. This exposure of a period of time can cause deterioration of the membrane. The installation of a green roof protects the roof from prolonged exposure and decreases the deterioration rate.

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Applied Mulch & Soil is a division of Gallivan Corporation and have become proven experts in many areas including the installation of green roof growing media. The combination of experience and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to install materials quickly and efficiently. Contact our professionals today to learn more about the benefits of installing a green roof, the materials that can be used, and how it can benefit your building.

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