Addressing Home and Business Safety with Outdoor Lighting and Pruning

At Gallivan Corporation, we know how important it is to ensure the safety of those who visit your property. Therefore, our experts are skilled in both outdoor illumination and pruning to address both homes and businesses to achieve the following:

Visibility – Proper placement of outdoor lighting, especially during the dark winter months, provides illumination to paths and walkways. Additionally, cutting back trees and shrubs eliminates poor visibility.

Removes Hazards – Cutting dangerous branches that are hovering and at risk of falling will ensure the safety of those visiting your property as well as increase the health of the trees and shrubs you are pruning. In conjunction with outdoor lighting, you are providing a safer environment for visitors.

Appearance – When trees and shrubs become overgrown, they can block lighting, signs, walkways and windows. Pruning them will prevent the safety hazards that may arise from these dangerous conditions while enhancing the appearance of your property.

The professionals at Gallivan Corporation know how to properly illuminate and prune your outdoor space to keep your visitors safe. Contact us today for outdoor lighting services.

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