Brendan Gallivan
Brendan, Founder and CEO of Gallivan Corporation, knew what he wanted to do for a living from the ripe young age of 14 years old. He started the company in 1993 while still in high school; landscaping was all he ever wanted to do, and he was good at it.

As his education, knowledge and experience in the landscaping industry expanded, so did his vision for Gallivan Corporation: To be a premier provider of landscape services.

Together, Brendan and his sister Shannon Gallivan (see below), have successfully created a team of talented, award-winning, and widely recognized landscape professionals that take pride in delivering quality services with the utmost in professionalism, integrity, and accountability at every step of every project.

Shannon Gallivan
Shannon is Vice President of operations at Gallivan Corporation, where she oversees the day to day business operations for over 100 employees. Shannon has a Masters and Law Degree. She attended Northeastern University in Boston on a full scholarship, where she played division 1 basketball.

Having been working side-by-side with her brother Brendan since nearly the beginning, Brendan will be the first to tell you that having Shannon overseeing the operations side of the business allows him and his team to focus on what they do best; quality landscape design and construction.

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