Executing A Master Plan In Phases

The execution of a master plan is designed to take place throughout multiple phases as we take into account the project’s time frame not only as a whole, but in parts. This allows for the best allocation of your budget and time to the completion of your landscape design vision. We create a framework that is updated throughout the project in order to evaluate its progress and make adjustments accordingly to meet project requirements and deadlines.

Master Plan Design Process

  1. During the initial consultation we identify the needs of our clients and perform the necessary research for the project. We identify landscape constraints that may exist along with client requirements. (Design service fee is discussed at this time.) Prior to the initial consultation we encourage clients to gather their landscape design ideas, determine their needs for entertainment and be open-minded to the guidance we can provide. Request a Quote.
  2. After the initial consultation we will take an extensive inventory of the existing landscape conditions and perform a site analysis before we begin to design. This gives us a lay of the land showing us what features can be enhanced or what may be a hindrance.
  3. Creation of concept designs to provide solutions for the best use of your exterior space. We will meet with you to discuss the initial plans, make adjustments and help guide you towards a landscape design that best suits your needs and vision.
  4. Design presentation of project with 3-D rendering where needed and cost proposal for client review/approval.
  5. If you are not prepared to complete the entire project at once, we can discuss how the project could be phased to meet your needs.
  6. Construction drawings and plans are created for design installation.
  7. Obtaining permits and the necessary documentation needed for construction.
  8. Construction scheduling will take place so that we can keep the project on track to meet your needs.
  9. The Build Process. Construction scheduling and work will commence. Project is monitored throughout to maintain schedule and accuracy to design. Inspections are made daily throughout the build until the final product is complete and all required inspections have passed.
  10. Lastly is the final walk through with the client!

Upon completion it is time for you to enjoy your newly designed outdoor space! Are you ready to get your landscaping project started? See our process in action with these Project Spotlights. See our Residential Landscape Design Galleries.

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