Landscape Lighting Services You May Benefit from This Winter

Whether you are a recent transplant or a New York native, it’s a scenario we’re all familiar with. The cold months bring out a special beauty in New York State. The bare tree branches glisten with snow. Stick hands of Snowmen wave from front yards. Friends and neighbors race down the hills on sleds. Families gather to celebrate the holidays. Parents surprise kids with a weekend skiing trip fit with all the hot cocoa the little ones can stomach.

But with that seasonal change comes some darker consequences. It seems much more of our waking life in the winter takes place in the darker hours of the day, which also creates different outdoor illumination needs.

As beautiful and joyful as the chilly weather and the snow can be, precipitation and ice can wreak havoc on your outdoor lighting fixtures and cause water damage to the electrical components if they are not properly maintained and managed. This can create costly and time-consuming repairs that can otherwise be avoided if the right measures are taken in advance. 

To avoid this pitfall of time, stress, and money and to brighten up your darker months here are a few landscape lighting services to consider investing this winter. Whether to save yourself from future damage and time or merely to enhance the visual appeal and property value of your home, here are a few tips to try:

Keep Up the Maintenance!

The seasons, the sun, the wind, and the rain can cause wear and tear in your already installed fixtures. Just like everything in your home, they will need maintenance.

Have an experienced technician inspect your lighting fixtures, control systems, and above-ground wires (in addition to other outdoor electrical components) to make sure everything is in working order. They can repair or replace any components that are worn down or at risk so that they are protected for the winter and the snow that will inevitably keep falling.

New Lights for Darker Times

During the wintertime, when dark falls much earlier, adding new lights can enhance the appearance of your home during the extended evening and night hours. It is time to give your property and your home the wow factor it deserves and that you have been dreaming of.

There are many options for adding landscape lighting to your outdoor space to accentuate your favorite feature, highlight the favorite parts of your home, or even just add more lighting for safety reasons.

Making the Old New Again

Just like adding new lighting, upgrading old fixtures is a great project to take on during the cold season. Is now the time to reimagine, consider the possibilities, and give your home an updated look?

There are many reasons to update, whether it was the old owner that installed the fixtures before, or maybe it has been a few years since you had them installed, and your needs and wants (not to mention the times) have changed.

There is no wrong reason here: your home deserves to look its best. It is, after all, your pride and joy.  It is time to bring to fruition what you want your space to look like. This is where you spend your time, you want to be able to see it in all its glory.

Time It Right

We might have saved our best money-saving tip for last. Raise your hand if someone in your home has forgotten to turn a light off or two in the last couple of weeks. A timer is a great way to never run into that problem again.

Whether you are adding, upgrading, or maintaining your landscape lighting services, one of the best pieces of advice would be to install a timer for your landscape lighting fixtures. As utility costs rise during the winter due to heating expenses, maintaining your lights on a timer will help you save on unnecessary use of said lights, and help keep your costs consistent, as well as create continuity and eliminate the hassle of having to remember to turn them on and off every night.

Gallivan Corporation can help with all of your landscape lighting needs. We are the leading designer and installer of hardscape features, including landscaping lighting, in the New York Capital Region. For landscape lighting installation, service, or ongoing maintenance, contact us today

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