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Adding well-placed modern landscape lighting features throughout your yard can do more than just add some extra illumination at nighttime. It can also add some much-appreciated curb appeal, help keep your home safe, and create a more relaxing environment for spending time outdoors.

There are near-endless possibilities when choosing which landscape lighting fixtures you want to incorporate into the design of your yard. From freestanding lights to nestling them in with your favorite plants or integrating them into hardscape elements, there are no limits beyond your imagination.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for landscape lighting in your own yard, here are some ideas to help you jumpstart the creative process. We will highlight some freestanding fixtures, garden lighting, and hardscape features to help you decide which might be the best for your property.

How You Can Incorporate Patio Lighting Into Your Outdoor Space

When you are deciding on how you can incorporate patio lighting into your outdoor space, there are a near endless combination of options that are only limited by the imagination.

One of the most common and stylish options is the install built-in lighting into your hardscape features. These lights can be placed directly into the surfaces of your steps, walls, and planters as well as the patio surface. The illumination can be used for safer walking as well as highlighting specific plants or hardscape features that you want to draw attention to.

You can also use custom lighting to light up the landscape beyond the dimensions of the patio. Instead of losing sight of your beautiful plants when the sun goes down, you can continue enjoying your yard’s natural beauty on summer evenings and nights. The added shadow can even add new textures and dimensions for a unique appearance.

Lastly, a third popular option for incorporating lights into your patio space is to use downlighting. This process involves mounting your lights above the space with the direction of the light pointing toward the ground. It can add additional overhead lighting while integrating seamlessly with your plants and hardscape.

Using smart bulbs, you can complete the experience by creating different settings for various occasions. For example, you may want the bulbs to change color if you are having a pool party. However, when you are gathering for a relaxing evening by the fire pit, you may want to match the ambiance with a soft yellow or orange tone.

Ideas for Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

Freestanding Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Lampposts and lanterns are some popular freestanding features. These are often used to light up driveways or walkways and can add some extra curb appeal to your property. Unlike stake lights, these are meant to remain firmly in their place and may require some extra effort to remove from the soil if you wish to replace or relocate them. Due to them often shining from a greater height, they can also provide more ambient illumination throughout your yard.

Garden and Flowerbed Lighting

Adding lighting to a garden or flowerbed can create dramatic contrasts, accentuate shadows, and highlight your favorite colors. These features are often placed at the ground level and can contain battery or wired power supplies.

Most garden or flowerbed lighting is placed on or near the soil. However, it can also be installed in or on the hardscape elements such as walkways, walls, or built-in planters. These are often wired into the main power supply and require some extra time to install but can provide a more permanent lighting solution.

Hardscape Lighting

Gallivan’s hardscape service offers the most creative freedom and near-endless options for where you want your lights to be installed and how you want them to look. These fixtures are usually wired into your home’s main power supply and can be used to highlight different areas of your property or provide some environmental lighting for spending more time outdoors after the sun has set.

One popular way to use hardscape lighting is by installing lights in or on stairs. This can help improve visibility and safety when going up and down them at night. You can also install lights along the handrail to add some extra illumination and make the stairs more visible from a distance.

Another great method for using landscape lighting is to accentuate different architectural features of your home or property. For example, you can install lights in soffits, around windows, or under eaves. This can help highlight certain features and add extra curb appeal.

Lastly, hardscape lighting can also be used for more practical purposes instead of decorative ones. You can place lights in or on pergolas, gazebos, decks, patio covers, and other areas where you want to spend time by yourself or with others. They can enhance nighttime visibility and offer more convenience than a portable lantern or a higher-maintenance option like a fire pit.

Will Outdoor Lighting Raise My Electricity Bill?

We often hear concerns from homeowners regarding the potential increase in utility costs that hard-wired lighting could pose. Because hard-wired features do draw power from your home, they will contribute to electricity costs to some extent.

However, there are some methods to prevent these costs from rising. Energy-efficient LED bulbs and timers can ensure that your lights are only on when you want them to be. This can help avoid spikes in your energy bill while still allowing you to enjoy your yard to its fullest.

Add Modern Landscape Lighting to Your Yard With Gallivan

At Gallivan Corporation, we specialize in custom landscape and hardscape design for homeowners throughout the New York Capital Region. If you are interested in adding high-quality, long-lasting, and energy-efficient modern landscape lighting to your yard this year, contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you to create the outdoor space of your dreams.


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