Take the Hassle Out of Holiday Decorating

Have your home or business stand out during the holiday season. The Gallivan Corporation wants to help you out with our holiday lighting and decorating services. We’ll be responsible for climbing high ladders, being in the cold, and taking down and storing your decorations when the season is over. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is being on time to your holiday party.

Gallivan Corporation will meet with you, find out exactly what you want, what your budget parameters are, and then custom design your holiday d├ęcor. We will then purchase the decorations on your behalf, use what you already have, or a combination thereof. We then schedule a date and time that is convenient for you and bring the needed equipment to safely hang/display your custom holiday decorations.

Not sure how you want your office/home decorated for the holidays? Not a problem, we offer a photo portfolio of some of our work for you to select what suits your taste and budget.

The Gallivan team also takes great pride in hiding, or installing, lighting fixtures and timers so only the beauty of the lights and decorations can be seen and enjoyed by all.

There’s more, Gallivan Corporation will also come back, safely take down all the decorations, and conveniently store them for you off-site until next season.

Contact us to take your decorating hassles out of the holidays!

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