Creating A Vacation At Home

Project Overview

This homeowner hired Gallivan Corporation in the late Fall of 2007 to create a “vacation at home” outdoor atmosphere.

The team jumped into action and devised a Master Plan that included multi-entertainment areas, an in-ground swimming pool, patio, extensive water features containing a grotto, landscape lighting, and more. Gallivan incorporated the use of natural materials into the project such as bluestone for the patio.

The Challenge

The major obstacle for this project was the extremely limited access to the property as well as the limited space to work within. After assessing the situation, Gallivan Corporation laid out a plan that best-suited the homeowner’s needs.

In Progress

A crane was brought in over a 3-week period to set in place the limerock that was used to create the water features and grotto, most of which had to be hand-chiseled. Additionally, a special precast, reinforced concrete bunker was custom built to house and hide the pool’s filter equipment and utilities.

The Results

Gallivan Corporation completed the project in approximately five months and achieved the exact “vacation at home” environment the client had longed for.

The end product included an integrated outdoor sound system, several LED lights, a “swim under” grotto, grill station with refrigerator, Tiki torches (with remotes), custom patio areas, a fire pit, swimming pool, and more.

A unique feature of the bluestone patio included hidden gas fittings so that portable heaters could be used during cool evenings thus extending use of the outdoor area for family gatherings and entertaining.

Of note, Gallivan Corporation won 2009 “Vacation at Home” award for the design of this particular project.

Bethlehem Residential Landscaping Project

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