Top Outdoor Design Trends

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Stay on top of the latest outdoor design trends! Once you are ready to experience the latest and greatest, contact Gallivan Corporation to start the planning process!

Top Outdoor Design Trends:

  • Water Features – From simple to elaborate, water features are becoming increasingly popular for their beauty and tranquillity. There are multiple options available to fit every budget, which makes water features a popular outdoor design enhancement.
  • Mixing Materials – The mixing of materials such as metals, woods, and stones continues to be on the rise in 2017. This design technique creates interest with contrasting colors and textures. By incorporating multiple materials, and moving away from “all styles matching,” this will add a high-end designer touch to your exterior space.
  • Bringing Indoor Trends Outdoors – As an extension of your home, the outdoor design of your space should be treated with equal importance. Homeowners are seeing a return on their investment with landscape and hardscape renovations–similar to a kitchen or bath upgrade.
  • Outdoor Illumination – With the increasing trend of Americans wanting to spend more time outdoors, lighting allows them to do just that! Additionally, outdoor LED lighting is increasing in popularity for its energy efficiency. Outdoor lighting also tops the list for aiding in safety and security.

Keep these trends in mind when planning your outdoor living space. Contact Gallivan Corporation’s creative design professionals NOW to start planning process!

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