The Benefits of Aeration and Seeding

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At Gallivan Corporation, we want your landscape to flourish, which is why we advise proper landscape management to ensure a healthy appearance, and, flourishing landscape.

What is aeration, and why should it be done?
Aeration is the removal of thousands of small cores of soil (1-3” in length) from your lawn. This removes pressure from compacted soils, which enables oxygen and water to move freely into the root zone. The holes are then able to catch fertilizer, seed, and water, encouraging the turf roots to naturally grow and thicken in the process. The cores of soil that were removed will “melt” back into the lawn after mowing, rainfall, or use of the lawn’s irrigation system. After all is said and done, regular aeration performed once or twice a year significantly reduces thatch and improves turf growth.

Why overseed your lawn in the fall?
Overseeding – the act of planting grass seed directly into existing turf without tearing anything up – is an important step to take in the late summer. When lawns are thin, they are conducive to weed growth and overall dryness. Thatch layers of a lawn can also become so heavy that the primary root system will grow more in the thatch than in the soil below. Both of these conditions mean your lawn should be seeded. The late summer is also an excellent time to begin promoting better turf variety, such as those that are not so easily affected by insects, diseases, and hot weather. By taking the steps to overseed in the late summer or fall now, lawns will be more tolerant of disease, insects, and drought later.

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