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The execution of a master plan happening throughout the course of multiple phases takes into account the project’s time frame not only as a whole, but in parts. The scheduled phases are unique to your project and allow for the best allocation of your budget and timeframe to complete your outdoor living space vision. Our experts create a framework that is updated throughout the project in order to evaluate its progress and make adjustments accordingly to meet project requirements and deadlines.

Executing a Master Design Plan in Phases

There are some circumstances where a design plan will need to be executed in phases. If you are looking to have your project completed in phases, we can discuss how the project could be executed to meet your needs.

  1. Consultation: During the initial consultation we identify the individual needs of our clients and perform the necessary research for the project. We’ll also offer our expert opinion regarding the landscape and desired outcome for the project.
  2. Design: Our professionals will meet with you to discuss the initial plans, make adjustments, and help guide you towards a landscape design that will fulfill your needs. You will also be presented with a 3-D rendering where needed and cost proposal for review and approval.
  3. Building: Upon approval, our professionals will begin the construction phases(s). Your project is monitored throughout to maintain schedule and accuracy to design. Inspections happen throughout each phase until the final product is complete.
  4. Completion: Lastly is the final walk through with the client!

While this may feel like an overwhelming process, have fun with it and create something you know you will enjoy! There are so many design options to consider and choose from; our professionals will love bringing your vision to life. Piecing together your dreams into an ultimate design plan creates an outdoor living space you will treasure for years to come. To begin, contact our professionals to schedule your initial design consultation.

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