Patios, an Extension of Your Outdoor Living Space

backyard patio

A backyard patio can serve as the central location for your friends and family to gather. While everyone may agree on adding a patio to the family home to extend your current entertaining space, choosing the right layout, size and materials for this project can sometimes seem intimidating. Having the expertise from a landscape design professional to guide you in the right direction will help you achieve your outdoor entertaining and design goals.


Planning is essential when it comes to adding a patio to your backyard. The layout must be carefully designed and executed alongside our team of experts to achieve your goals. Masonry and stonework, if planned properly, will further enhance your space and dictate the flow of traffic during your gatherings. The addition of carefully selected flowers, shrubs and trees will finish off the space into an inviting extension of your home.


Determining the size of the patio space is very important. How many people do you regularly entertain? Down the road, will you want to add a fireplace or outdoor kitchen? Consulting and determining the answers to these questions in advance will allow for further expansion in the future and managing budgets for these projects.


There are many patio material options from natural stone (i.e., flagstone, bluestone or granite) to patio pavers that are offered in a variety of shapes, colors, materials and patterns. We suggest reviewing the characteristics of each material and we will advise you based on your tastes and goals what is highly recommended to suite your vision, lifestyle and budget.

The addition of a patio brings value, expands your outdoor living space and enhances your property.  Contact the patio installers and professionals at Gallivan Corporation to help you design an outdoor patio that fits your needs and budget! 

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