Massachusetts Condo Community – Before & After

At Gallivan Corporation we consult with potential commercial and residential clients on how to improve their outdoor space. We were selected to improve the existing outdoor space of the Club House at a Condo Community in Massachusetts and advise on what could be done to enhance the area for residents to enjoy.

There were a few challenges that we faced with this property. The large outdoor space gave us room to work, however access was difficult being that it was set up on a ledge of a beautiful, but hilly area. Another challenge was the large amount of glass on the pre-existing structure, requiring an extra layer of caution to be taken.

In Progress:

Our team of highly-skilled professionals efficiently came up with a plan to create a space that was multi-functional and beautiful. A new patio space was designed and created to include multiple areas for residents to grill. Also included, was a gas fire pit for the enjoyment of residents throughout warm and chilly nights. Since the property was surrounded by beautiful mountains, we created a relaxing environment throughout the entire outdoor area, with plenty of areas for residents to sit, relax, and enjoy the views. Overall, Gallivan Corporation created a useful and enjoyable space that enhanced the property for the owners and residents alike.


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