How to Care for your Lawn in Between Landscape Visits

Maintaining your lawn between landscaping appointments is crucial. Lawns that are not looked after properly are at risk of becoming unhealthy and failing, no matter how much landscape work is put into them.

Follow these tips to keep your lawn in the best shape possible between landscape visits!


  • Instead of watering your lawn daily, water deeply 2-3 times per week. Daily watering makes grass develop a shallow root system, whereas a deep root system from watering deeply 3 times per week will make it stronger and more drought-resistant.
  • Over the week, your lawn needs at least 1”-1 ½” of water, even during the winter.
  • When possible, you should water as early in the morning as possible to ensure that the lawn will dry before nightfall.
  • If you have an automatic sprinkler, be sure to check it regularly to be sure it is working and calibrated properly.

Lawn Height:

In the summer heat, short lawns are more apt to die out, as they have shallow root systems and are more prone to weed infestation. Taller grass is able to develop a deeper root system, allowing it to shade the soil surface to keep it cooler and prevent weed seeds from germinating. Knowing the proper mowing height can help avoid problems due to drought stress during extreme heat and in controlling weeds.

    • During midsummer, the grass height should never be less than 2 to 2.5 inches.
    • During drought periods, raising the mower height to 3 to 3.5 inches will provide a better chance of survival.

Lawns with heat and/or drought stress should be cut no more frequently than every 10 days. Some areas with drought stress should avoid the mower altogether.

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