Gallivan Corporation Can Make Your Property Stand Out This Holiday Season

Bring the joy of the Holidays outdoors with Gallivan Corporation’s Holiday Lighting & Decorating services!

Services Include:

Design – We will meet with you to find out exactly what you have in mind for your holiday décor and budget. If needed, we will also make suggestions before customizing a plan that will meet your needs.

Decorations – Gallivan Corporation can utilize the decorations you already have, supply decorations for your project, or use a combination of both to acquire the necessary items for your holiday design!

Installation – On a conveniently scheduled date and time, our team will bring the necessary equipment to safely hang and install your decorations. We’ll climb the ladders and battle the cold so you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

Post-Holiday – When the holidays are over, our team will come back, take down all of the decorations, and store them conveniently for you (off-site if you’d like) to use in the coming years!

This holiday season, don’t get stuck out in the cold! Contact Gallivan Corporation’s team of professionals to get started.

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