Fairways of Halfmoon – Before & After

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Gallivan Corporation not only enhances residential outdoor living spaces but we also enhance the exterior of commercial spaces as well. In this case, we were hired to design an interesting space for photos to be taken outside of the banquet hall at the Fairways of Halfmoon.

After consulting with the client, it was agreed that the space would be transformed with a water feature and patio area surrounding it to provide a beautiful and relaxing setting for guests to enjoy.

Challenge: In this particular design project, our greatest challenge was creating a water feature on a flat space. Typically, it is much easier to create the kind of water feature we were designing on a hilly area. However, our design team was able to overcome this challenge, and the work began:

Although the terrain we were building on did not provide optimal conditions, the design team at Gallivan Corporation utilized rocks and soil to build up the height of the water feature:

Results: The water feature at the Fairways of Halfmoon included a large pond area, complete with a waterfall. To naturalize the space, we surrounded the pond with trees and shrubs, as well as a patio area that was installed at the edge of the water.

In the end, the design was not only an interesting space for photographs to be taken, but an area to relax and enjoy.

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