Don’t Wait, Start Your Design Project Now!

Did you know that fall is one of the best times of the year to start your landscape design project?

If you haven’t already checked out our post from last year on this topic, it’s right here. In addition to the points we make in our previous blog, below are some more benefits to starting your project this fall:

Benefit #1: Top of Mind!

Even though the summertime has come to a close, the ins and outs of your yard are still top of mind. Take advantage of this and start the planning process now to save you from having to remember the intricate details of your yard later. Doing this will certainly make your outdoor design project a much smoother process.

Benefit #2: Kickstart Next Spring and Summer the Right Way!

Don’t wait until the ground thaws before we start designing your master plan – start now! Depending on the depth of your project, breaking ground this fall as opposed to waiting until the spring will allow for a full season of enjoyment rather than being under construction for a portion of it.

Benefit #3: Full Attention!

Spring and summer are incredibly busy times for us (mostly due to the amount of lawn maintenance we do), so having us complete your project in the fall allows us to concentrate primarily on your project, expediting the process even faster.

Benefit #4: Dry Ground Now, Not Wet or Frozen

When we start your project in the fall, it’s a pretty good bet that the ground is in the right condition to do so. By waiting until the Spring, we’re most likely going to be dealing with a ground that is extremely sloppy, or worse…frozen. This just prolongs your project, leaving you with less time to enjoy the splendor of your meticulously designed backyard, front yard, or both!

Benefit #5: This One is Year-Round!

This benefit has less to do with time of year and more to do with our process, no matter what time of year. During the design process, we help our customers design a master plan that can be split into phases. So while we render your design in 3-D (see example below), you not only get a more realistic picture of what our design will look like, but you’ll see how it will look on your very own property. We know that customers need to keep realistic budgets too, so we can split your master plan into multiple phases.

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