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Wynantskill Pool and Patio

A beautiful inground pool can transform any backyard into an oasis away from the summer heat. Unfortunately, unkept landscape designs can quickly intrude on your personal paradise and take away from the beauty of your yard.

Conversely, a simple, elegant, and low-maintenance landscape design around the pool can enhance its appearance without resulting in more work for you. Starting with a modest design also creates a canvas for you to expand upon later.

Today, we are going to highlight some landscape and hardscape design features that you can install near your pool to elevate the aesthetics of your yard without needing long hours to maintain it. Let’s begin with the types of plants you choose and where you decide to place them.

Plant Species and Placement

When selecting the right plants to place near your pool, there are a few important factors to consider. The types of plant species you desire and where they are located can potentially result in more frequent trimmings or pool cleanings.

For the lowest-maintenance possible, opt for shrubs or small evergreen plants and place them at least 5-6 feet from the edge of the pool. This will prevent the surface of the water from being covered by leaves, twigs, and pine needles, and with semi-regular trimming, their branches will not encroach on your swimming space.

Native plants to your local area typically require less maintenance. They are accustomed to the climate and soil conditions, and as a result, will experience less difficulty adjusting to your yard when you first install them.

You can also decorate your pool and patio area with potted flowers to add bright colors during the summer season. Potted plants will not grow far beyond their container and can be quickly moved further away from the water if needed.

If you have a tall evergreen tree near your pool, you may want to consider having it professionally trimmed before summer. This will further reduce the number of pine needles that could fall into the pool, resulting in less skimming work before swimming.

Complement Stonework with Gravel

High-quality gravel adds new dimensions of color and texture to your landscape. Placing it around your stonework, such as installing a patio or wall, creates a beautiful alternative to sand while also creating a boundary against grass overgrowth. It requires no maintenance after it is placed in its intended locations throughout your yard.

Remember, however, that gravel is a loose material and can be easily moved or kicked up. Avoid placing it too close to your pool or you may find pieces at the bottom. Instead, place it around the edges of your patio to create a transitional area that bridges the lawn and cement.

Install a Large Patio Around the Pool

Patios are both an attractive and versatile hardscape feature that can also enhance the appearance of your pool. You can also install other design elements to bring the comfort of home outdoors such as a kitchen or bar, comfortable seating, and a gazebo for some shade in the sun.

Adding a barrier around the patio can further distinguish your swimming area from the rest of your yard and protect it from any landscape debris. A metal fence will create the division you desire while still allowing visibility and a stone wall will provide more complete protection but also provide more privacy to the pool area.

Install Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting

One of the most popular low-maintenance hardscape features is low-voltage outdoor lighting. This will not only improve the visibility of your yard at night but also provide improved safety for you and your guests.

There are many different types and styles of outdoor lighting available, so it is important to consider what will complement your overall design scheme. Installing an energy-efficient, low-voltage option will both extend the lifespan of the bulb and reduce the energy costs to illuminate your yard.

Install a Pool Shed Near the Water

A pool shed is the perfect low-maintenance storage solution for all of your pool toys, floats, treatment chemicals, and other accessories. It also provides a place to keep extra towels and sunscreen close by for when you or your guests need them.

Keeping these essentials within reach of the patio also provides the added convenience of never having to travel far to enjoy your pool to its fullest. Any treatments or pool toys remain easily within reach whenever you are ready for an afternoon or evening in the water.

Keep Your Pool Landscape Looking Its Best This Summer

At Gallivan Corporation, we provide the highest quality landscape and hardscape design, installation, and maintenance services for homeowners across the New York Capital Region. We are committed to creating a fully customized solution that brings your dream backyard to life so that you can enjoy your time in the pool to its fullest.

To learn more about how we can help you design, build, and maintain your own inground pool landscape, contact us today.

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