Adding Mums to Your Landscape

When planning your fall landscape, it’s nearly impossible not to think of incorporating chrysanthemums (mums) somehow. These versatile plants come in numerous varieties and can spruce up your outdoor space. This Fall, let our experienced team do the work for you!

Planning out your flower beds for all four seasons can be a daunting task.

What flowers are appropriate for each season?

What colors should you use?

When will you find the time to do all of that planting?

These are exactly the types of questions we hear from customers all the time! Make it easier on yourself by letting us do the hard work for you.

We can:

  • Determine which plants to use based on the size of the area they will be planted in, as well as the color scheme and style of your landscape as it already exists. We can also plant in pots or containers to further enhance your landscape.
  • Select the hardiest variety of mums and teach you how to properly insulate and care for them throughout the fall and into the winter.
  • Keep the color going all year long! We can provide our annual flower rotation service, incorporating planting ideas for all four seasons, using the best seasonal colors to enhance your landscape.
  • Create a schedule based on the optimal times to perform our rotation of plants to keep your flower beds healthy and thriving.

Now is the time to request a quote from Gallivan Corporation to discuss the best way to add mums and beyond to your landscape!

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