5 Landscaping Tips for Spring

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. Your yard and gardens are starting to show signs of life – and they could be looking pretty messy. Spring is an ideal time to start making changes to your outdoor setting.

As your plants are coming out of dormancy and beginning to leaf out or even flower, check for signs of damage that may require some clipping or other attention. Clean out around the base of plants and pick up winter debris. By taking care of your lawn and gardens early in the season, even if it’s little by little, you will ensure that your plants are strong and healthy and it won’t be so overwhelming to maintain as your gardens fill out. A beautiful, well-maintained landscape will add value to your home and provide you with an enjoyable outdoor space to relax and entertain friends and family.

Here are five tips to help get you started toward the landscape of your dreams.

Tip 1: Start by Planning

Get some inspiration and start considering what features to include in your design. Think of what your small yard could look like as an intimate entertaining space. A new patio and the right landscape lighting would make your area perfect for outdoor parties.
If you have a bigger area and want to add some dimension, include a berm or planting bed for some height, privacy and texture. The patio installers at Gallivan can help you get what you have always wanted out of any outdoor space.

Tip 2: Inspect Your Soil

Check out your soil and make sure it’s not just dirt. If it’s too sandy or clay-like and lacking in nutrients, adding some compost or garden soil will improve its quality. Once you have the right richness, you can be confident that your plants will thrive. A landscaping professional can perform a soil inspection for you and recommend treatment options.

Tip 3: Plant Your Annual Flowers Before Summer, but not too early…

Some of your garden favorites may be popping up by now, and early bulbs and some shrubs will be blooming by early to mid April in parts of the Northeast. But beware – that doesn’t mean you want to put your annuals in just yet. Hardy perennials can take a spring frost, but most annuals don’t withstand the cold nighttime temps without damage. Wait until mid- May to plant – or until there is no risk of a cold snap.

Tip 4: Plant Grass Seed Ahead of the Heat

You can toss your grass seed early! As soon as there is a bit of heat and moisture, your seeds will germinate, and grass will appear. Rough up the soil a bit, spread evenly over the bare areas and cover your seed with a layer of straw to retain moisture and keep animals from eating it.

Tip 5: Add Outdoor Lighting to Your Yard

Adding the right landscape lighting to your outdoor space is essential. Lighting around steps and walkways makes it safer for nighttime activity. Up-light your trees or add bistro lighting around your patio for added drama and dimension. The design team at Gallivan Corporation can help you choose from a wide variety of outdoor lighting configurations that will truly enhance your property.

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Get Professional Spring Landscaping Help from Gallivan

Our team of landscaping professionals at Gallivan provides landscape design, installation, and maintenance services for homeowners and commercial properties throughout the Capital Region and beyond in New York, as well as Vermont and Massachusetts. If you are looking to upgrade your backyard before the summer arrives, contact us today to get started.

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