4 Tips to Creating More Curb Appeal with Gallivan Corporation

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Curb appeal is essential to the landscape and outdoor living space design for homeowners and business owners alike. Through proper planning and execution with the professionals of Gallivan Corporation, your home or business can have the curb appeal it truly deserves.

How to Create More Curb Appeal

Annual Flower Rotation: Rotating your flowers throughout the growing season ensures your landscape stays vibrant. The key is to identify which plant combination will be at their best seasonally. While working with Gallivan Corporation, our professionals will ensure your landscape receives a plant combination that will thrive.

Outdoor Lighting: Adding outdoor lighting will bring your landscape to life at night and increase the function of your outdoor living space. With more installation options than security lights, you can create the feeling of a resort which will add to your curb appeal.

Maintenance Between Visits: Maintaining your lawn between visits is an essential part of upholding curb appeal. Landscapes that are not properly looked after are at risk of becoming unhealthy.

Hardscape: The addition of hardscape adds to the beauty of any landscape design, but, they also create more area for your outdoor living space. Installing a stone patio or fire pit will add to your property’s overall curb appeal.

Keep these tips in mind while planning your outdoor living space and creating your desired curb appeal. To get started, contact our professionals today to begin your planning process!

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