3 Types of Outdoor Lighting for Commercial Properties

Adding outdoor lighting to the property of your business is a great way to enhance the beauty of it, however, choosing the right type of lighting is key. Knowing what kind of lighting is needed and the proper placement/installation is important to accomplish the most effective overall look.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be divided into three main categories:

Security Lighting: This lighting is used for illuminating vulnerable areas of the property as well as lighting specific areas for safety such as walking up and down steps and along paths. Security lighting is essential for public buildings/facilities.

Task Lighting: Task lighting is used in areas where night time activities take place such as outdoor gathering spaces.

Accent Lighting: This lighting can create a dramatic effect and highlight features of the property such as business signage and the beautiful stonework or landscaping that surrounds it. Silhouetting, another form of accent lighting can be achieved by keeping the light between the object and a fence or wall.

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